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About me

Artisanship is my passion, I am keen on Slovenian craftwork, but most of all I adore natural materials therefore it's no coincidence I am in love with clay and pottery itself. I've been in pottery for more then ten years now, working at home in my adorable mini workshop studio at the end of the week, where all the magic happens.

Crafts made with precision and love are simple, yet elegant. I follow the tradition, while adding the touch of modern taste. Colours are picked spontaneously and are often inspired by the present moment and seasons of the year. I adore pastel colours from nature as more colourful choices as well.

I'm into small series. You may pick from variety of pots, everything from your favourite coffee cup, that accompanies you at work to modern vase that elevates your living room. All my creations are done with love and uplifting energy and after some time may become indispensable part of your home, office, kitchen or any other place you wish to enrich with handmade art.


  • Mojca, Energijski center MojChi
    Barbara's products touch the soul in a heartwarming and unique way. Small details are always part of the big picture, and I have always wanted to have something unique that integrates my home as a whole. A magic of human touch is irreplacable. Barbara, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful coffee cups.
    Mojca, Energijski center MojChi
  • Tanja Pirc, MasterChef Slovenija tekmovalka 2020
    They say that anyone can become a creator, but without courage, will and perseverance, you can never create something interesting, innovative and simply beautiful. Barbara has it all, and with her soulful products you get her love in your home. Even if you interrupt her subtle imagination with your ideas, she knows how to lead you to the best possible end product. I had this opportunity when I wanted a cup to my liking and she knew what I wanted.
    Tanja Pirc, MasterChef Slovenija tekmovalka 2020
  • Blaž Pogačar Photography
    Photography is business. Photographing truly fantastic, unique and soulful crafts is much more than just a business. It’s satisfaction and great honor. When you realize how much energy, time, effort and oneself Barbara puts into her art, you feel respect. Every single product represents a story. This piece of meticulously formed soil - an inspiration - is enough to make you want one of her products.
    Blaž Pogačar Photography
  • Alja, Ljubljana
    Teapot and cup...time for me...tea time...time for a ritual just for me. When I smell sweet vanilla tea with cinnamon, it says: Come, sit down and take your time. Would you like to come too? Because Barby pottery is about sharing the moment, playfulness, being a family. With a beautiful porcelain, cup and intoxicating taste, the world seems a better place. Barbara, thank you.
    Alja, Ljubljana
  • Sašo, Kranj
    Barbara has a talent for making her products both useful and esthetic. Her clay products are playful and wisely shaped. Every time I put a dish on her plate, I want it to be just as creative.
    Sašo, Kranj

Products ...

The material for my craft is rooted in the soil of the earth. Various clays and porcelains are meticulously shaped with love and passion. I send them through fire twice, first at 1000 degrees Celsius and second at 1200 degrees or higher. Only the most resilient of my craft manage to survive these temperatures.

The glazes are handpicked according to modern trends. All of them are so-called “safe food,” and yes, they are dishwasher safe.

The shapes I use are simple, but of useful value and mostly inspired by nature and everyday life. The mixture of modern designs with traditional shapes gives my products a unique touch. I value traditional Slovenian ceramics, while keeping my style of crafting. Some ideas need time to mature in my head, while others are perfect on the spot.

Feel it yourself and bring a piece of nature into your home. Raise and warm your place with fresh energy of Barby Pottery.

Coffee …

So, what is an indispensable part of every kitchen? Cups for coffee, of course! (or tea) I love making Cups and so I got the nickname “Miss Cups.” One of my unique and outstanding products is undoubtedly my coffee cup with the simple name “Coffee.”

The signature sign of this pot is a carefully formed coffee bean, which is attached to the handle and symbolizes the coffee ceremony. This unique product is specialty not only in Slovenia, but also worldwide.

Every pot you ever dreamed of …


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